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Moving Image (colour; sound; 1 min : 54 seconds;); 28th April, 2016.


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Sam Bruger: “I’ve been always dreaming about a son”. 23-year old artist and ex-banker has married one of his paintings last week.

Our reporter, Absamat Khanbabaev, has met Sam and his new family in their studio-apartment.

Absamat: “Hello, Sam. First of all my congratulations with the recent wedding! Can you tell our readers more about this story?”

Sam: “As everything in my life, this happened occasionally. Last winter, I worked on the series of oil paintings “Praying women”, which is currently put on sale. Having done tones of research and hundreds of sketches I came up with 7 final paintings. I produced all the series within one weekend – I usually paint the whole piece for one night. I don’t wait until it dries because the energy is changing all the time and I don’t want to lose the moment.”

A: ” It sounds interesting, but talking about the marriage: what did motivate you for doing this?

S: “Ah… When I had finished to work on a diptych, I understood that I want my wife to look similarly and have the same soul as the woman from my painting. Then I looked at her son and realized that this was my biggest dream – to have a one. I’d thought that I could never find the woman like this, so I just came up to the painting and asked: “Will you marry me?” I treated the silence as a positive answer.”

A: “Fabulous story! I can’t believe this is happening nowadays.”

S: “We are living in a completely new era. People haven’t recognized yet how significantly the world is changing. So, probably one day you will marry your article or your favourite chair [laughing].”

A: “Thank you very much to you and your new family for having me here.”

S: “Thank you and I wish you to be as progressive as possible in this life.”

                                     Photo © Semen Sapaiev



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Your dreams have been here.

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Moving Image (colour; sound; 2 mins) 23rd May, 2016.


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